Health and Human Services     

Expanding access and choices for individuals and families who are low-income or vulnerable by strengthening human services organizations and by advancing new responses to challenges in the sector.  

We believe providing support to historically and systematically disadvantaged individuals and communities is a compelling focus. Today’s social, economic and political challenges require it. Our goal is to assist in increasing the number of people who are self-sufficient and who lead healthy, productive lives.  Our giving consistently targets access to healthcare including prevention services, health support services, and ensuring food security.  We currently are involved in and support the Immigrant and Refugee Funders Group and Maine Oral Health Funders.

Recent Grants

A Company of Girls, Portland; $10,000 for youth development delivered through art and theater programming.

Milestone Foundation, Portland; $20,000 for addiction intervention collaboration. 

Planned Parenthood of NNE, Portland; $27,500 for the Southern Maine Charity Care program.