In January 2018, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation conducted an electronic survey of applicants - grant recipients and declinations -  over the past three years. One hundred fifty-seven organizations completed the survey, for a response rate of 36 percent.

Overall, applicants report being highly satisfied with their experiences working with the Foundation. For example, over 90% of respondents strongly agree or agree that:

  • the website is user-friendly, providing clear instructions on how to apply for a grant
  • the application information required is appropriate for the requested grant amount
  • final reporting requirements are clear; and submissions are acknowledged in a timely manner

The survey highlighted a couple of areas of improvement for us. The Foundation needs to communicate our funding priorities more clearly, as well as our willingness to meet with applicants at any point in the process.

After learning that 82% of our respondents were willing to “create and/or upgrade their GuideStar profile and maintain updated content” the Foundation is moving ahead to include the optional GuideStar for Grants Application.

Applicant feedback is especially valuable in helping us to fulfill our goal of being responsive and accessible. We appreciate the time and effort spent responding to the survey.